Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Morals

Just to clear things up to anyone who is reading, as much as I appear to be at times, I'm not a true Christian. Maybe I once was, but not anymore. My moral rules generally follow from everybody deserves basic respect, until they prove otherwise, and even then, they should be treated with as much respect as they allow to be given to them. These posts are not meant to be read as an angry man lashing out at people who annoy him, but rather more like journal entries detailing my mind and how it relates to certain things or issues.


"The Priest"

So like I said, I will be using this blog to post about things that just get to me sometimes. If you have comments just post them below.
         This time I will be blogging on this one guy I know who we'll call Priest. Now having known Priest for a very long time, almost seven years, I feel that I can talk intelligently about him. Now Priest got his epithet from the fact that he came out openly and said that he wanted to be a priest someday. Now this doesn't bother me in the least, while I consider myself barely Christian, I can understand one's religious devotion. The thing that bothers me is that he continues to say so now. The fact that Priest has continually to call his calling as becoming a priest angers me. Like as said, not from his dream, but from his follow through. He continues to associate himself with people who don't really fit the bill. He smokes weed, he drinks, he does everything basically except sins of a sexual nature, and only because he can't, i.e. no one is willing.        
        It's not like spends his time trying to evangelize them, they are mostly openly atheistic, he spends time with them for the reasons said above. Look back 2 years ago and he is not even friends with the people he is today. He is friends with them because they are "popular". He brags to those who know him about his "accomplishments". More evidence that he is only in it to be popular. Maybe this is because he was mocked because of his desire to become a priest, maybe not. Regardless the abandon of his dreams of a priest for such a worthless thing as popularity disgusts me. He has consistently and deliberately not followed through on his dream, yet he continues to preach to us as if he has. That is the worst thing about his entire situation. His hypocrisy. Regardless of race or creed, a hypocrite is the lowest of the low. He might try to say that he has just fallen off the path. The thing about falling off the straight and narrow is that you have to try to get back on. He doesn't.
         We are all likely hypocrites at some point in our lives, but the least we can do its admit to.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First Post

I really just started this cause sometime I just have stuff I like to get off my chest. So expect a random post every now and then and occasionally a lot in a row.